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Hundreds of people who care about their food learnt more about it when they visited Aston Hall Farm in White Ladies Aston near Worcester on Sunday as part of Open Farm Sunday – and one of the visitors was local MP Peter Luff.
Peter met the farmer, Rob Adams and his wife Kate and talked to many of the visitors. He congratulated representatives of Natural England who were also involved in organising the event.

According to the national organisers of the scheme,

“Open Farm Sunday is one day in the year when everyone gets the chance to understand the true story and value behind their food, and the dedication and skill of farmers who produce it.”

Last year, during Open Farm Sunday 2009, 140,000 visitors were welcomed on to 425 farms across the UK and got the chance to meet the farmers who grow their food and care for the countryside.

At Aston Hall Farm this year, visitors could join a farm trailer ride to see the growing crops, wildflower margins, pond restoration, orchard regeneration, fallow plot, wild bird seed plots, wild birds and animals and grazing livestock. Some of the farm animals were in the buildings to see at a closer range. There were beef cows and calves, ewes and lambs, bottle fed lambs, a sheep shearing demonstration and New Forest ponies including mares and foals. There were also displays about the food products produced from the oats and wheat grown on the farm together with information relevant to the livestock as well as historical information about the farm and the village. There was also a chance to taste locally made chutney, pickles and dressings made from locally grown fruit and veg.

Commenting, Peter Luff said,

“We should all know where our food really comes from – and it isn’t the shelf or freezer of a supermarket! Local farmers like Rob Adams produce fantastic local food and it’s fascinating to learn more about it. What’s more, they also care for our countryside. They deserve our strong support, especially at a time of growing international uncertainty when we should be doing more to build our national food security too.

“Worcestershire has some wonderful farms doing great things in beautiful countryside. I welcome unreservedly the efforts made by the busy farmers like Rob and Kate who opened up their doors today to help the rest of us learn more about our food and the people who produce it for us.”


Photograph shows Peter Luff MP and local farmer Rob Adams in front of the tractor that hauled visitors around the Aston Hall Farm on Open Farm Sunday 2010

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