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Recent comments by Paul Bates, chief executive of NHS Worcestershire, on the structure of local health services have been condemned by Mid Worcestershire MP Peter Luff.

Mr Luff, who opposes the move of community services such as the community hospitals to the Mental Health Trust, says,

“I believe there are two credible options for the future of these services – transfer to the Acute Trust or to a new Community Trust – and I prefer the second.”

At the latest Worcestershire PCT board meeting, Mr Bates said,

“I truly believe the community foundation trust is not in the best interests of the people of Worcestershire and I don't believe we've got any chance of getting it through.”

Commenting on his statement, Mr Luff said,

“It is time to ask who the PCT thinks it is representing – its own vested interests or local people – including the dedicated staff in the community services?

“To dismiss so casually an option that many local people feel is by far the best is to show a casual disregard for the views of local people that borders on the scandalous.

“Perhaps it won’t work – but we need to be consulted, not dictated to.

“A change of government has given a new opportunity to rethink a ludicrous policy – but sadly NHS Worcestershire shows no intention of listening to what local people want.”


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