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“Rinse it, don’t crush it” was the message Peter Luff took with him after a visit to see the new recycling facility, EnviroSort, at Woodbury Lane, Norton, near Worcester.
Mr Luff, who is the MP for the area, made his first visit to the so-called “co-mingled waste” recycling centre to see it for himself now it is fully operational and dealing with waste from all six Worcestershire districts and all of Herefordshire. He was accompanied by local county and district councillor, Rob Adams. Peter said he was “very impressed” with what he saw.

Peter and Rob were given a presentation of the centre’s recycling technology by plant manager Mike Stass, and were then shown the centre at work.

Peter commented,

“I honestly hadn’t realised quite how much we can now recycle locally – basically it’s all food cartons and containers, even including the waxy orange juice type cartons I’ve been throwing away. Just about the only packaging they can’t deal with are plastic bags and cling film.

“Our green waste bin is already pretty full every fortnight. We’ve been good at home at cleaning the cartons, plastic milk bottles and tins – but now I realise we were wrong to crush them as that makes it more difficult to sort them. So from now on we’ll still be rinsing, but not crushing!

“The huge increase in recycling rates locally is really good news – and the EnviroSort facility is a much better neighbour for the local community than I had expected. There’s no noise outside the factory itself and the traffic is being managed really well.

“I have had some complaints about litter falling from lorries going to EnviroSort, but I have been reassured that this is rare. In fact, the litter picking teams operated by EnviroSort are probably making the area cleaner than it would have been. They’re picking up litter in the verges that was obviously just being thrown from passing cars.”


Photo shows plant manager Mike Stass, Peter Luff MP and Councillor Rob Adams at EnviroSort

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