MPs Call For Rethink on County NHS
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THREE county MPs today united to issue a detailed criticism of the NHS Worcestershire’s reorganisation proposals.

MPs Harriett Baldwin, Sajid Javid and Peter Luff – who all have community hospitals in their constituencies – have called for a total rethink on the options for the future of community health services and proposed the creation of a Community Trust.

The three other Worcestershire MPs, Robin Walker, Mark Garnier and Karen Lumley, are not so directly affected by the proposals but associate themselves with the thrust of the arguments put forward by their colleagues.

Harriett Baldwin commented: “I have been receiving a high level of dissatisfaction from stakeholders in West Worcestershire who clearly want a Community Foundation Trust.

Sajid Javid commented: “I am getting clear feedback of opposition to mergers with either the Mental Health Trust or the Acute Trust. I strongly urge NHS Worcestershire to listen to local people and reconsider a Community Health Trust."

Peter Luff commented: “The clear message from my constituents, especially staff working in the community hospitals, is that proceeding with the Acute Trust approach would be unacceptable. There's no enthusiasm for the Mental Health Trust route either.

"We need an urgent rethink of the future of our community services, and particularly of our hospitals. There is another credible approach that NHS Worcestershire must properly consider - a Community Trust."

The new structure will be responsible for a wide range of health services ranging from running the community hospitals to and other crucial services including specialist nursing services, health screening, sexual health and drug misuse rehabilitation.

The MPs wrote to NHS Worcestershire this week, in response to a series of engagement events held across the county asking for feedback from key stakeholders.

The MPs agreed that it is ‘logical’ to move certain services to the Acute Trust, but they offer to lobby Health Secretary Andrew Lansley to win more time to reach the best decision for the County.


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