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“Making sure local people can easily access the service provided by Evesham County Court is what matters, not its precise location,” says the town’s MP, Peter Luff.
In a letter to Ken Clarke, the Lord Chancellor, Peter Luff suggests the government could close the court to save money – but only if imaginative alternative solutions are developed that make sure local people can still get access to justice.

In his letter, Peter writes,

“I have received relatively few representations on the subject and do understand the financial constraints your department labours under. However, the county court does provide an important service to, for example, housing association tenants, and I can see that travel to Worcester would often be a considerable financial and practical challenge for them.

“Is there any imaginative way in which the service can be provided locally without incurring the full cost of maintaining the county court in Evesham? I know that some magistrates’ courts are trialling video link services and the county council and district council operate a one stop shop facility in the town where the job centre currently resides. A video link service could well be provided from these facilities, it seems to me.

“Similarly, HM Revenue and Customs are currently looking at providing a face to face contact point following their decision to close the Inland Revenue offices in the town – is there any possibility of co-location of these services?

“We all know that economies have to be made but if we can do them in a way that actually mitigates the impact upon the poorest members of our society, I think we would all agree that is the right thing to do.”


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