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Communities in Wychavon are being urged by Peter Luff to join the broadband race started today by BT designed to increase “super-fast” fibre optic broadband services.
BT today announced it is to launch a nationwide survey to see how much potential demand there is for fibre broadband. The survey, the first of its kind, will run until December 31st 2010 enabling communities to express their desire for the service. This will help BT identify “hot spots” where demand is high and influence the company’s future deployment plans.

As an extra incentive, BT is running the survey as a competition – the “Race to Infinity” – with BT Retail promising funds - if needed - to help enable the five exchanges with the highest demand by early 2012 at the latest. This could see commercially viable exchanges brought forward to the front of the queue or non-viable exchanges added to the deployment plans.

The Mid Worcestershire MP welcomed BT’s initiative and said that there was a real opportunity here for enterprising communities to get a massively improved broadband service, with all the benefits it would bring.

He said,

“I’ve already had one parish council express an interest – it’s that kind of urgency and commitment that will win the competition BT has launched. I know five exchanges isn’t very many, but the survey will bring long-term benefits to all those who participate enthusiastically.”

BT Group is also pledging to engage with any community that gathers 75 per cent of possible votes for their exchange but hasn’t won the competition. This is in the hope that those exchanges can either be included in future commercial phases – if the exchange is deemed commercially viable - or enabled as a result of either public sector or community support as has already happened in some parts of the UK.


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