Praise for Police Targeting of Crime in Rural Evesham
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Praise for Police Targeting of Crime in Rural Evesham

The launch of ‘Operation Net’ by West Mercia Police has been highly praised by Peter Luff MP.
As part of the initiative, Evesham Rural (North) Local Policing Team has distributed ‘Contact Us’ leaflets in Cleeve Prior and the surrounding villages. The leaflet encourages residents to contact the police if they have any concerns or information to report and explains in detail the actions that are being taken to ensure their safety.

Commenting Peter Luff said

“It is very heartening to see the concerns of the local community being addressed in this thoughtful way by West Mercia Police. The leaflet sets out a welcome action plan to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour in the area.

“Many of my constituents have contacted me about the trouble they have been experiencing and it is really important for residents to know that the police are addressing all of the key problems - from the riding of quad bikes on private land to serious crime.”

The leaflet, written by Supt Steve Cullen, Commander of South Worcestershire Territorial Policing Unit, tells residents that regular patrols have been increased and that the Local Policing Team will be even more visible in a further effort to deter potential criminals.

Peter said he was “very encouraged” to read that each incident over the past month has been recorded and is being investigated thoroughly and that a number of arrests have also been made. He commented

“This is an outstanding example of the importance of the local police for the community; it shows their concern and their determination to provide a good service.”

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