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The whole county must rise up against the construction of a massive waste incinerator says Mid Worcestershire MP Peter Luff.

The proposal from Severn Waste Services Limited to construct what the MP describes as a "huge white elephant" near Hartlebury will be considered by the County Council planning committee on March 1st.

The MP, who has been working with local campaign group WAIL (Worcestershire Against Incineration and Landfill) and the two parish councils - Hartlebury and Elmley Lovett, explained,

"This incinerator is a twentieth century solution to a twenty-first century problem. The modern way to reduce waste going to landfill is to increase recycling, to minimise waste itself and to use anaerobic digestion for the bulk of the remainder. The small volumes that remain may need to be land-filled or used in very local waste-to-energy schemes.

"What is being proposed for the two counties of Herefordshire and Worcestershire is to truck all our waste to a massive old-fashioned facility to be built in the green belt at vast cost.

"Aside from the local environmental impacts, which will be serious, this is a strategic and financial blunder that future generations will pay a heavy price for. The sheer scale of the incinerator and its towering chimney means, as waste reduction policies develop over the coming decade it will need to be fed with waste from other areas.

"Worcestershire will become the dumping ground for the waste from miles around to meet the heavy financial commitment that this incinerator represents for the taxpayer.

"Make no mistake - the whole county will pay a heavy financial and environmental price for years to come if this folly is allowed to go ahead.

"Every resident of Worcestershire should write to their county councillor urgently asking for planning permission to be rejected unanimously on March 1st".


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