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Mid Worcestershire MP Peter Luff will tonight give his eight top reasons to vote "No" in the May referendum on the Alternative Vote.
Speaking to constituents at Peopleton Village Hall he will describe the system as "unfair, unloved and unnecessary."

Peter will say,

"The more I think about AV the worse it gets. At best it's an irrelevance, at worst it could seriously undermine our democracy by giving more power and influence to the voters of extremist parties than to the supporters of the main ones. Its introduction would mean the end of the fundamental democratic principle that everyone's vote should count equally.

"Here are my eight top reasons for voting "No".

1. It doesn’t work - the person who finishes second or even third could be declared the winner.

2. It's unfair - with First Past the Post everyone gets one vote, but under AV, supporters of extreme parties like BNP could get their vote counted many times, while people who vote for one of the mainstream candidates would only get their vote counted once.

3. It's unpredictable - someone else’s fifth preference vote could count as much as your first producing outcomes few people really wanted

4. It's not what it pretends to be - AV is not proportional representation. It doesn't stop majority governments being elected on a minority of votes, it doesn't stop landslide results and it doesn't do anything to ensure minority parties get even one seat in the Commons.

5. It's expensive - it can take days to work out who has won and will cost thousands of pounds more in any Constituency where there is no outright winner in the first round.

6. It's unloved - First Past the Post is the most widely used system in the world, only Fiji, Australia and Papua New Guinea use AV – in Fiji they want to get rid of it and in Australia six out of ten people want to scrap it.

7. It's dishonest - the yes campaigners who understand it don't really want it

8. And we can all agree, even the yes campaigners, that it's just not a priority

"All that adds up to a pretty powerful case for a resounding "No" vote on May 5th. I urge everyone who cares about our democracy to join me in the campaign against AV."


Peter Luff 01905 763952

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