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The MP for Hartlebury, Peter Luff, says he is "genuinely puzzled" by the delay to the decision on the controversial Hartlebury incinerator scheme.
The county council approved the scheme on 1st March and it was then referred to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government to consider if it should be subject to a public inquiry. The Secretary of State gave himself an extra three weeks beyond the original decision date of 22nd March, but, Pater Luff, "However you count bank holidays and weekends those extra weeks have also expired and still we have no decision."

Peter continued,

"It's obviously a matter of real concern to the community in the Hartlebury area that we have not heard from the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. I am surprised that the verdict to call in the planning decision for the incinerator is taking so long. The incinerator is being built in a Green Belt land and this massive departure from local planning policy should have made a public inquiry a formality.

"On the other hand, we can be reassured that it shows the care and consideration that is being taken to ensure that the decision is the right one.

"I have written four letters to Ministers, making my own views abundantly clear and strongly endorsing the views of local campaigners. I have seen many of the excellent representations made by local people to the Secretary of State too. Frustratingly, as this what is called a 'quasi-judicial process", there is now nothing else we can do until the decision is made. I just hope it's the right one."


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