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At a public meeting organised by WAIL (Worcestershire Against Incineration and Landfill) in Hartlebury Village Hall on Friday (17th), Mid Worcestershire MP Peter Luff urged the whole county to help fund the legal challenge to the proposed incinerator, due to be built in the green belt near the village.

Peter had joined local residents in opposing the planning application which was approved by the county council earlier in the year. He then fought with the campaigners and parish council to get the application referred to a full public inquiry. Together, they succeeded and the inquiry will be held in November.

Speaking at the meeting on Friday, Peter said,

“Now you will get your chance to be listened to properly for the first time. Now an impartial, independent, outside professional will listen to our arguments.

“But we now have two things to do – get our arguments absolutely robust in strict planning terms and fund top legal advice for the inquiry. The other side will throw everything they have got at this inquiry and we must be able to match them.

“We also all need to write to the Planning Inspectorate at Bristol personal and powerful letters, explaining why this incinerator is bad for Hartlebury, bad for the environment and bad for the whole county.”

WAIL campaigners at the meeting explained the assistance they had secured to help them at the inquiry and urged local people to subscribe at least £100 per household to pay for it.

Speaking after the meeting, Peter said,

“I was hugely impressed by the professionalism of the WAIL campaign, but I still worry that the rest of Worcestershire hasn’t woken up to the long-term consequences of this monstrous incinerator. Yes, it will disfigure the countryside around Hartlebury, but it will also lock us all into a massive white elephant that will cost us millions of pounds for generations to come, and one which is actually as bad for the environment as the landfill it is planned to replace.

“This is not just Hartlebury’s battle, nor is it just a battle for the parishes around Hartlebury – it is a battle that the whole county should join in. We must all dig deep into our reserves of time and money to fight this proposal.”


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