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Growing concern among local people over the behaviour of Revenue and Customs – HMRC – has prompted Mid Worcestershire MP Peter Luff to write to Andrew Tyrie MP, Chairman of the Commons Treasury Committee to urge an investigation.

Peter Luff is also urging constituents who are concerned about the organisation to contact him.

Peter explained,

“The government wants to make it easy for small businesses to do business, and wants to ensure private taxpayers are treated fairly and efficiently. But I have seen too many examples of HMRC failing on both counts.

“For example, I know one local person who on two successive days received two letters from HMRC, one saying she would need to fill in a tax return annually from now one, and another saying she would no longer be required to do so. This is gross incompetence.”

In his letter to Mr Tyrie, Peter said,

“More and more anecdotal and specific examples of HMRC’s misbehaviour are being drawn to my attention. Some of my local businesses have told me of grossly aggressive treatment for minor breaches of tax law – breaches which were entirely unintentional and the behaviour behind which was extremely well motivated. Others of my constituents have been bringing more and more complaints to me about the behaviour of HMRC”.

In Mr Tyrie’s response he said,

“I share your concerns. [Our] Sub-Committee is currently undertaking an inquiry into the administration and effectiveness of HMRC. The issues raised in your letter tie in with much of the evidence we have heard during that inquiry”.

Commenting Peter said,

“I have become increasingly troubled about the happenings in HMRC. It is high time that something was done about it – too many of my constituents have come forward expressing their concerns and I am glad that I am not alone in my unease. I greatly look forward to seeing the results of the inquiry and I hope that this is the first step towards securing a better service for my constituents.”


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