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Business Secretary, Vince Cable’s challenge to to MPs participate in the Made By Britain campaign by nominating products designed and manufactured in their constituency has been taken up by Mid Worcestershire MP Peter Luff.

Initially nominations by MPs will be shown on an online interactive map, with a view to expanding the project – possibly with a major exhibition – to coincide with next year's Olympics and Diamond Jubilee.

Peter said,

“It has been immensely difficult to decide which companies to nominate. There is a really strong manufacturing base in my constituency - stronger, I suspect, than people realise. And that's why I welcome this initiative - it will show just how strong manufacturing is across the UK, contrary to the doom and gloom we so often read in the national newspapers.

"I'm really only allowed to make one nomination, but I persuaded the organisers to allow me one each from Evesham and Droitwich. In the end I settled on products made by UK Flood Barriers in Droitwich and Foster & Freeman in Evesham.”

In his nomination for the Flood Angel Anti-flood Airbrick Replacement, manufactured and designed by UK Flood Barriers in Droitwich, Peter wrote,

“UK Flood Barriers was set up in 2007 and has becoming the leading supplier of flood defence technology. They provide world class flood defence solutions which are as effective at an individual property level as they are in large scale community projects. They are one of the most entrepreneurial companies in my constituency and have excellent ideas for progression and development. The Flood Angel Airbrick replacement is the only BSI Kitemark accredited airbrick in the world. Arguably the most efficient and effective airbrick replacement on the market, it has a superior design that is passive and is self – activated by only one moving part. Designed to replace a standard airbrick it allows air to freely pass through but under flood conditions its self-activating gate will automatically shut off. They are such a passionate, proud and driven company, it is a pleasure to be able to recommend the Flood Angel Airbrick as an example of the best in British manufacturing.”

In his other nomination for Fingerprint Recording and Examination equipment TFD-2, manufactured and designed by Foster and Freeman Ltd in Evesham, Peter wrote,

"Foster and Freeman are leaders in their industry. TFD-2 is just one of their Fingerprint Recording and Examination products, making a vital contribution to the fight against crime and fraud around the world. Designed and manufactured by Foster and Freeman Ltd in Evesham, the TFD-2 marks a breakthrough in the detection and enhancement of latent fingerprints using non-destructive thermal development. The first of its kind, the TFD-2 is an automated, high-throughput device capable of developing fingerprints on large quantities of documents. I salute the company’s commitment to support local industry wherever possible and I am proud to have a business in my constituency that is the driving force behind innovation and development in their industry."

Made By Britain has been developed as a collaboration between the Associate Parliamentary Manufacturing Group, and the 1851 Royal Commission.


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