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The Chief Executive of the Highways Agency, Graham Dalton, has met with representatives of Evesham United Football Club, including Chairman Jim Cockerton, and the Football Foundation at the agency’s offices in Birmingham on Friday.
. The meeting was set up and led by the town's MP Peter Luff, who hoped it would be possible to persuade the Agency to reduce the cost of the club's vital access onto the Evesham by-pass.

Currently there is an affordability gap,of some £200,000 which must be closed to enable the access road to be built.

Commenting on the outcome, Peter said,
“We were given a very cordial hearing and a range of practical suggestions were made by Mr Dalton which would have the effect of reducing the total cost of the works significantly.  However, there would still be challenges for the club and the foundation in meeting the upfront cash requirements that would be needed, even if the encouragement offered by Mr. Dalton proved well founded.
“It was agreed that the club and the foundation would reflect carefully on what they had heard and how they should proceed.  In the meantime I am supporting a suggestion by the agency as to how one aspect of the costs relating to payment of future maintenance could be dealt with. I have written to the roads minister, Mike Penning, strongly supporting the suggestion the  Highways Agency will now put to him to reduce this aspect of the scheme's cost.
“We have not solved the problem yet, but we have opened a constructive and good natured dialogue which may lead to a solution and I am grateful to everyone who attended this important meeting.”

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