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MP for Mid Worcestershire, Peter Luff, has written in robust terms to the Chief Planning Inspector in support of Comhampton residents. Peter has received many letters from worried constituents who face the threat of a gypsy encampment on their doorstep.
Explaining Peter said:

“The hamlet of Comphamton has been threatened with gypsy encampments for several years and the most recent application for a further site must be refused.

I do support gypsy encampments in the right places and it is only fair that responsible members of the travelling community should be allowed to settle in appropriate areas. However, gypsy sites cannot be allowed to be built where local residents would not be granted planning permission.

The recent application at Comphamton reaffirms the need for fair and even-handed gypsy and traveller policy, and this is at the heart of current government reforms on planning.”

Peter is working with the district council and local residents to ensure that the permission is not granted. In his letter to the Planning Inspectorate he highlighted traffic; visual intrusion; unsuitability of the location; the likely precedent that would be set for expansion of dwellings in this location; and the lack of suitable local amenities as strong reasons for upholding the decision of the District Council.


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