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Mid Worcestershire MP Peter Luff has added his name to a plea from the six MPs for Worcestershire for a fairer deal for the county’s schools.

The MPs have today sent in a detailed response to the government’s consultation on a fairer funding formula for schools, putting the case for the government to deliver swiftly on its promise of a fairer system. The joint response from all six of Worcestershire’s MPs, drawn together by Worcester MP Robin Walker, calls on the government to deliver its reforms without delay and to start their implementation as swiftly as possible.

The government’s consultation raises a number of detailed questions about the way a fairer funding formula should work, how academies, free schools and the pupil premium should be affected and asks respondents how quickly it should be implemented and the extent of smoothing to make sure that no school sees too sudden a change to its budget.

Worcestershire County Council and the f40 group, which campaigns on behalf of the lower funded local authorities have also made their own responses to the consultation all pushing for swift implementation of reforms and a more activity based approach. Robin will be speaking at f40’s conference on the new funding formula next week.

The joint letter says:

We wish to reiterate our commitment to a fairer funding formula and put on the record our determination that it should be delivered as swiftly as possible.

We hope you will bear in mind that local authorities such as Worcestershire have been underfunded for too long under the old formula and that year after year of using “spend plus” methodology has made that underfunding more entrenched.

As such we believe it is essential that this Government, which is so committed to fairness, move forward swiftly with the changes that will make the formula fairer and more transparent.

Peter Luff commented,

“This issue has dragged on for far too long – I have been urging change for nearly twenty years. The last government had the chance to do something about it and failed. The new government is moving firmly in the right direction and I sincerely hope our representations will encourage ministers to do the right thing by Worcestershire.”


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