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A plea from the chief executives of two county hospices to local supermarkets to give less prominence to the new “Health Lottery” has been backed strongly by Mid Worcestershire MP Peter Luff.
The letter from Mark Jackson of St Richard’s Hospice and David Strudley of Acorns Children’s Hospice expresses dismay that the new lottery is being given equal prominence in stores with that of the National Lottery. It urges the managers of Tesco, WH Smith and Sainsbury’s to give greater priority to the hospices’ own lottery and to the National Lottery, both of which give more of their revenue to good causes.

In their letter to the mangers, the two hospice bosses say,

“This new lottery promises to give only 20p from each £1 played to charities, which are not yet identified. The National Lottery gives 28p to charity and 12p to the government in taxes. .... 50p from each £1 raised by your local Hospices Lottery is shared between Acorns Children’s and St Richard’s Hospices, which amounts to £70,000 per year to each hospice.”

Commenting, Peter Luff said,

“These are hard times for charities and there are no more important local charities than these two hospices. To see their vital fund raising being undermined by a new commercial lottery and the decisions of local supermarkets is very disturbing.

“I join Mr Jackson and Mr Strudley in their call and I will be writing to the chief executives of the supermarkets concerned to express my deep dismay at their policy.

“I also urge Worcestershire people not to play the Health Lottery but to stick to the Hospices Lottery and the National Lottery which between them will do much, much more for good causes than this new and unnecessary one.

“The National Lottery has done an immense amount of good work in the county, funding village halls, heritage schemes and health projects. We need to support it, not undermine it.”


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