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Following the news that Evesham United football club is now in a position to proceed with the necessary highway works to link its new facilities to the road network, the town’s MP Peter Luff said,
“I am relieved – and delighted - that the club’s access problems have been resolved. This is a real home win for the club and comes after relentless lobbying by me, by the club and by the Football Foundation.

“I was pleased to be able to help them score this particular goal by enabling real and effective team work between the club, the Football Foundation, the Department for Transport and the Highways Agency.

“At our recent, and decisive, meeting in Birmingham with the Highways Agency, they agreed that it was unreasonable to expect the club to pay the full cost of building a new roundabout to replace one in need of maintenance, saving taxpayers a considerable expenditure, and then to expect them to pay some £50,000 for its upkeep in the future. The suggestion that this lump sum should be waived was made by the Highways Agency and agreed by the Minister, Mike Penning, at the Department for Transport. We owe Mike a real debt of gratitude for his decision to waive this commuted lump sum.

“This decision reduced the funding gap to a manageable amount. The Football Foundation has now agreed to cover the bulk of the remaining costs of providing the access from the Club onto the highway, with the club itself also taking out an additional loan.

“I will continue to work with Evesham Football Club and I am extremely optimistic for the future for the club.”


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