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Mid Worcestershire MP Peter Luff will hold crunch talks with the Environment Agency tomorrow, Wednesday, over the continuing very serious smell regularly affecting the residents of the Stoulton area.
Mr Luff will see the regional director of the Agency, Daffyd Evans, in the House of Commons to tell him that it is simply unacceptable that the smell is still making a misery of the lives of so many people after so many months of investigation.

Ahead of the meeting, Peter said,

"The time for excuses and explanations has ended. The time has come to end the stench. The smell, which I have experienced personally on a number of occasions is not one I have ever smelt from a farm before. It is an intense, gagging smell which is not simply unpleasant - it is intolerable.

"As I understand it there are two organisations that could end this misery - the Environment Agency and Worcestershire Regulatory Services. Together they must do so. It is unacceptable for human beings living in a civilised and prosperous country to be subjected to this misery.

My message to the Agency and to Regulatory Services is that they must end the smell, however it is caused. Continued failure would cause immense reputational damage to both of them. It's time to act."


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