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Joint press release from MP, district and county councillors, parish council chairman and MEP
14th February 2012


Today Wychavon Council working with Worcestershire Regulatory Services have issued an Abatement Notice on the people who run Wadborough Park Farm near Stoulton. This notice means that Wadborough Park Farm is officially confirmed as the sources of the persistent foul stench that has ruined the lives of local residents and businesses over the past nine months.

Peter Luff, MP Mid Worcestershire said,

"It has been †a period of immense frustration for the people affected by this stench. †The various official bodies involved have done their best to address the problem but the stench has continued. †I congratulate Wychavon on taking this robust action. †It is not acceptable that one farmís actions should cause misery to hundreds of people. †Fortunately what we see here is unique. †The overwhelming majority of farmers go to great lengths to farm in a way that respects the environment, their livestock and the community."

Rob Adams Worcestershire County Councillor commented,

"Worcestershire Regulatory Services now have sufficient robust evidence to be able serve a nuisance order on the managers of the operation at Wadborough Park Farm. This is good news for the villagers and hopeful will result in better management which finally stops the smell which has made life such a misery."

Paul Middlebrough, the local Wychavon District Councillor added

"Stoulton and Wadborough are two communities that respect and support agricultural as part of the delight of living there. What has been going on at Wadborough Park farm is hyper intensive farming coupled with shoddy management practises and a lack of respect for the villagers. I hope that those running the farm will take immediate action to introduce better farm management to stop the persistent horrendous smell.

"Over the past few weeks I have been in contact with TESCOís who source meat from this farm. I have drawn the problems of the stench emanating from Wadborough Park Farm to their Chairman. They have taken no action. Their indifference to the suffering of the community caused by one of their suppliers is incredible given their statements on social responsibility and good farming practice.. Perhaps they will act given this notice."

Brian Wardle Chairman Stoulton Parish Council also said,

"Stoulton residents welcome the serving of this Notice as this nuisance has impaired daily lives for too long, at times imprisoning people in their own homes †with windows and doors having to be securely closed, whilst those having to go out have to endure a most nauseating †smell. I hope the owner of Wadborough Park Farm will now take steps to end this nightmare."

Philip Bradbourn OBE and West Midlands MEP observed,

"I am deeply concerned at the impact these farming practices are having on the local community . We all support British farming and want it to succeed but this farm needs to take their neighbours welfare into consideration as well as their own."

The serving of the Notice means that if the operators of the farm fail to comply then legal proceeding will take place. The case will be heard either in the Magistrates Court or by a Judge.

The MP, district and county councillors, parish council chairman and MEP for Stoulton said,

"All of us representing every tier of democratic government in the area sincerely hope that the managers at Wadborough Park Farm will see sense, change their practices and let the villages get back to normal."


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