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A cycle ride around Droitwich on Friday, organised for the town's MP by David Terry, was a revelation. That was Peter Luff's response after the event.

Commenting, Peter said,

"It's far too long since I've been on a bicycle - I am a walker and car driver these days - so I'm really grateful to David Terry for putting that right.

"The ride proved two important things to me. First, that the vast majority of car, bus and commercial vehicle drivers do look out for cyclists and do try to do the right thing by them. Second, I saw how small changes to roads, signs and junctions can make the world of difference to cyclists.

"David has given me a list of specific actions arising from our ride that could be taken in Droitwich and I will be sharing them with county councilors. I will also be talking to the county council about the general provision for safe cycling in Worcestershire.

"It's clear to me that we can do still more to encourage safe cycling in our communities. Friday's ride proves yet again of seeing and doing things for yourself and not relying on emails and letters. There's no substitute for reality!"

The specific measures suggested by Mr Terry are set out below:

Droitwich Cycle Ride March 9, 2012 by Peter Luff MP and David Terry, Resident

Hazards and suggested improvements

1) Hazard: Lights at junction of Worcester Rd and Tagwell Rd. Cycling towards Droitwich, there is insufficient room for a car and a cyclist if a vehicle is in the lane to turn right. DT reported that he had twice been brushed by a vehicle when cycling straight on.
Suggestion: Permit cyclists to jump the lights here and go straight on if road clear and/or make the pavement on the west side of the crossing dual use by cyclists and pedestrians.

2) Hazard: Roundabout where Saltway joins the Worcester Rd
Suggestion: Make pedestrian underpass dual use. All that would be needed is to remove the barrier and put a sign up. Cyclists could then get to St Andrew’s Square without going onto Saltway at all.

3) Hazard: Roundabout where Saltway joins Ombersley St East. Turning right here entails getting into the right hand lane and negotiating the roundabout while indicating all the time. Cars do not always give way to cyclists on roundabouts and a cyclist is definitely at risk here, despite following the rules of the road.
Suggestion: Drop the kerb and appropriately sign so that cyclists wishing to enter Ombersley St East can use the dual use subway that is already there. Put up sign advising cyclists to use subway.

4) Hazard A: Lights at junction of St Andrews Rd and the Worcester Rd. A cycle lane is marked, but it puts the cyclist on the left of vehicles turning left, which is the most dangerous place for a cyclist to be.
Hazard B: Cyclists coming from Corbett Avenue and wishing to go to the town centre have no reasonable way to do so.
Suggestion: Create a cycle lane or a shared cycle/pedestrian pavement usable in both directions, so that cyclists can go either to or from town without sharing the road with motor vehicles.


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