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The supermarket that buys meat from Wadborough Park Farm has contradicted itself in two separate letters two days apart to the leader of the local council and the area’s MP.
In the first letter, to the Wychavon leader, Paul Middlebrough, from the Tesco Chief Executive’s office the company says,

“… none of the processing sites which supply Tesco with beef land lamb are sourcing from the Wadborough Park Farm. The decision to stop using the supplier was made by our processors in response to the abatement notice and they will not be sourcing from this farm until the environmental health issues … are resolved.”

But in a letter two days later from the company’s Government Affairs Director to Peter Luff MP, Tesco writes,

“… given that we have no welfare of food safety concerns about Wadborough Park Farm we will be continuing to source from them. If there is any case proven against the farm by the Environmental Health Officer we will of course review our decision.”

Commenting, Peter Luff said,

“I don’t want this farm closed down. What I asked Tesco to do was to use their resources and expertise to help the farmer produce his beef in a way that ended the misery of my constituents. But this inexplicable confusion in Tesco’s position makes me despair.

“It is time for the company to accept there is a problem and help the farmer solve it. But if they don’t even know if they’re buying meat from him or not, what hope is there of resolving matters satisfactorily?”

Paul Middlebrough who has been working closely with Peter Luff on this issue described himself as “bemused” by the contradiction in the two letters , only forty eight hours apart.


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