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Many hundreds of Worcestershire park home residents from Droitwich to Evesham and Broadway stand to gain from a new policy. The Government has recently published a consultation paper on reforms to park homes, which Peter Luff, MP for Mid Worcestershire has welcomed.
Peter explained,

“Park homes are an important form of housing for many more people than is generally realised. Many park home residents are retired and ensuring their homes are properly protected while park home site owners can earn proper return is really important. My surgery and my post bag have both seen many cases where this balance has not been properly struck and residents have suffered.”

The Government’s proposed reforms will put the park home sector on a sustainable footing for the long term, allowing site operators to run good business and ensure that home owners can live peacefully in their homes know that the law protects them.

The planned changes include:

• Improving residents’ rights to reflect their status as home owners, for example by allowing them to carry out home improvements without seeking permission.
• Strengthening the rules around the sale of mobile homes, so that there can be no interference with owners selling to the qualifying buyer they have chosen.
• Ensuring compliance with site licence conditions by enabling the courts to impose unlimited fines on operators who do not manage their sites properly
• Giving local authorities the power to carry out works on sites in an emergency or where the site operator has been found guilty of a breach of licence, and charge the cost back to them.

Commenting Peter said,

“Over recent years I have had various complaints from residents about excessive pitch fees, the breaching of site rules and the prevention of owners from improving their homes. I am delighted that the Government is taking serious steps to help park home residents and ensure they are treated fairly.

“These reforms are long overdue and I know that they will be welcomed by park home residents across Worcestershire.”

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