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Peter Luff, MP for Mid Worcestershire, has pledged his support for dairy farmers across Worcestershire who are campaigning for a sustainable dairy supply chain.

Within the last two weeks, three major dairy processors, who buy milk from farms and supply fresh milk to shops, have all announced cuts to the milk price paid to farmers of between 1.65 and 2 pence per litre. These come after cuts of up to 2 pence per litre in the Spring.

Taken together the price cuts mean many dairy farmers now make a significant loss for every litre they produce.

Commenting Peter said,

“We should all be really concerned about the future of dairy farming. For a long time big retailers have exploited farmers by paying prices that are just too low. It is in all our interests, farmers, consumers and supermarkets that these unsustainable and short sighted policies are abandoned.

“I know that high food prices are a problem, but I just don’t believe that paying farmers the small amount extra needed to give them a fair price for their milk will make a noticeable difference to consumers at the checkout. In fact I'm sure consumers want to feel that British farmers are getting a fair deal.

“Farmers are being asked to make losses while the supermarket and other industry giants make large profits.

“Farming is such an important industry, not only in Worcestershire, but across the country and it is only right that farmers get the price they need to stay in business for the products that we all enjoy.

“I support the demands of farmers and hope that the retail giants give farmers the fair deal they deserve. I'm glad that the government is bringing in the supermarket ombudsman but it would be better if the dairies and supermarkets backed off now and gave farmers the price they need and to which they are fully entitled."


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