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The after-effects of the flash floods that hit businesses in the Queen Street area of Droitwich at the end of June were on the agenda as the town’s MP, Peter Luff and Wychavon’s Deputy Managing Director, Vic Allison, who has responsibility for flood alleviation and engineering consultancy, visited traders yesterday, Friday.

The pair talked to the businesses affected in an attempt to see what lessons needed to be learnt after the second severe flooding incident in the area in five years. There will be a meeting of the official agencies involved, including Wychavon, the county council, Severn Trent and the Environment Agency shortly and Peter and Vic wanted to see what issues the business people would like to see on the agenda.

Commenting, Peter said,

“I really admire the resilience the traders are showing. On the whole I found people were inclined simply to blame the weather and not look for fault in the public bodies that have responsibility for flooding issues.

“We talked with several business people about the measures they could put in place to protect thier properties, such as the use of barriers and self-closing airbricks. Also we identified a need for landowners to keep their drains clear. They were pleased about the way Wychavon had helped them, for example with the provision of sandbags.

“However, there was still a feeling that Severn Trent should look again at what could be done to improve capacity in the drainage and sewage system in the area to reduce the risk of future flooding.

“Twice in two years is very bad. Many firms had made adaptations to reduce the impact of further floods, for example by putting down more resilient flooring, but if we can stop it happening again, or at least reduce the severity, we should.

“I look forward to hearing the result of the meeting and what action can be taken to make life less worrying for these hard-working businesses.”


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