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The intention of the West Midlands Ambulance Service to concentrate all ambulance provision for the south of the county on their Worcester site, and to close Evesham Ambulance Station, must be subject to proper public consultation says Evesham’s MP, Peter Luff.

The trust intends to replace the Evesham station with a “community station” served only by paramedics, and to deploy its ambulances around the county to be nearer to areas where evidence shows they are generally needed.

Peter said,

“I am prepared to accept this could actually lead to better health outcomes, but the people of Evesham and the Vale must get categorical reassurances before this scheme goes ahead.

“I worry this is exactly what happens when a regional body takes over local services. The needs of the outlying areas can too easily take second place.

“The villages and communities round Evesham are not always easy to find your way and local knowledge counts for a lot. And it’s a long way from Worcester to Broadway. We must be able to understand exactly how the new arrangements will work before we can accept them.

“And the needs of the loyal ambulance crews of Evesham must also be taken fully into account in any new service structure.

“I’m not saying this plan is necessarily wrong – although I fear it may be. But I am saying that the people of Evesham and the Vale are owed a detailed explanation and an opportunity to comment before any final decision is taken.”


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