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Mid Worcestershire MP Peter Luff is launching his first ever on-line survey of constituents on same sex marriage.
The survey can be found at

Peter explained,

I have had passionate emails and letters on both sides of the argument, with a significant majority against introducing same sex marriage. So I am aware that this is a subject on which many of my constituents have strong views, but I have only heard from a small minority so far.

I am anxious to gain a closer understanding of the views of a wider range of people and I hope they will respond to this survey which I will keep open until the end of November. The results will not determine how I vote there is always a risk with on-line surveys of one side of an argument organising a massive vote in favour of their own view. I also believe that MPs owe their constituents their own judgment too.

I hope, though, that the findings will help me to understand local views more closely and so shape my own thinking on this sensitive and controversial subject.


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