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Peter Luff, the MP for Mid Worcestershire, has welcomed the announcement by the Secretary of State for Transport, Patrick McLoughlin, that the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has awarded a new seven year contract to the Post Office to provide DVLA’s services through the post office network.

In 2009, as chairman of the Business, Innovation and Skills Committee, Peter Luff produced a report on securing the future of the post office network that condemned the failure of government departments to realise the potential of the network, saying,

“The biggest barrier to the expansion of government services offered through the network is the attitude and lack of imagination of most government departments. History has given government an unparalleled and highly valued portal in the post office network. Departments must try harder to provide their services through post offices.”

Commenting on this week’s announcement, Peter said,

“Three years later at least one government department has woken up to what the post office network has to offer. I realise only a minority of post office branches will gain directly from this DVLA work, but it is huge step in the right direction, will give a huge boost to the whole network and shows what can be done by a minister who understands the value of post offices.

“Post Offices are vital to many rural and urban communities and we should do all we can to support them. That’s why I’m so pleased that the government is making it clear that there is scope for the provision of other Government services through the post office network.”

DVLA-related services at the Post Office will expand to include services currently only offered through DVLA local offices. Patrick McLoughlin, making the announcement, said,

‘I congratulate the Post Office and am confident they will deliver an excellent service to motorists throughout the country. This contract also provides value for money for the taxpayer, resulting in savings of between £13 million and £15 million a year and demonstrates how serious we are about making savings within Government.’


For more information please contact the Department for Transport Press Office on 0207 984 8121 or Peter Luff on 01905 763952

Notes to Editors
• The contract will result in savings of up to £15 million a year. Worth in the region of £450 million the contract will result in savings of between £13 million and £15 million a year (DVLA Press Release, 13 November 2012).

• DVLA services will be offered at over 4,700 outlets and will include new licensing transactions. Under the contract, the Post Office will initially offer DVLA services at over 4,700 outlets (as currently) for road tax and vehicle transactions, 750 of which will also cater for driver licensing transactions. Depending on the demand for similar services across Government, the Post Office is likely to offer these services at more of their outlets (DVLA Press Release, 13 November 2012).

• The contract includes an option for extension. The seven year contract run from 1 April 2013 until 31 March 2020, with the option of an extension for up to three years (DVLA Press Release, 13 November 2012).

• The contract was awarded on the basis of a rigorous and competitive bidding process. Following pan-European advertisement of the contract placed on 17 December 2011 an initial three bidders were narrowed down to two for a process of competitive dialogue that was completed in early October. Preparation of bids by suppliers, evaluation and assurance processes by DVLA have just been completed (DVLA Press Release, 13 November 2012).

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