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Worrying rumours that the West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner, Bill Longmore, may decide to close smaller police stations like those in Droitwich and Evesham have prompted the MP for both towns to express his concern.

In a response to the consultation on the Police and Crime Commissionerís Draft Police and Crime Plan, the MP for Mid Worcestershire, Peter Luff urges him not to increase the local tax we pay for policing, the precept, and to manage the resources available to the police to enable both Evesham and Droitwich police stations to remain open.

In his response to the consultation, peter writes,

ďAt a time of public spending restraint and at a time of great pressure on household budgets, I feel it would be inappropriate to increase the precept. Should it be decided that West Mercia should do so, it would, I believe, be the only precepting authority in Worcestershire to impose an increase on my constituents.

ďI recognise the financial challenge this poses, so my other point is a difficult one to make. There is an emphasis in the plan on neighbourhood policing, on empowering local communities and on pubic engagement. I welcome these but they would all be seriously undermined in Mid Worcestershire should the closure of either Droitwich Spa or Evesham police stations be proposed. Any such closure would be unacceptable to the communities affected and I trust the rumours circulating are without foundation.Ē

Commenting, Peter said,

ďI really do understand the financial challenge our local police force faces, just like those facing all other local authorities and government departments. It is the price we must pay to get the deficit under control. But closing police stations that serve significant communities must be ruled out.Ē


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