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The threatened “dumbing –down” of a vital school curriculum will be the subject of a Commons debate next week.

Mid Worcestershire MP Peter Luff MP has secured a Westminster Hall debate in the House of Commons next week on the Government’s proposed new National Curriculum for Design and Technology. The curriculum is currently the subject of consultation, but it has received a very critical reception from industrialists and academics. The draft is being criticised for giving too great an emphasis to cooking and for not addressing the exciting realities of modern engineering.

Building on his campaign to address the “STEM” (science, technology, engineering and maths) skills shortage we face in this country and to inspire more young people to take up careers in engineering, Peter will argue that the Government needs to reconsider the approach it has taken with Design and Technology in the new National Curriculum

Peter explained,

“We face a critical engineering skills shortage in this country and we are competing in a global economic race. That’s why it is vital that we inspire our students with the ambition to become the engineers of the future. We need to foster a passion for engineering within our schools. To do this it’s crucial that we get the Design and Technology curriculum right.

“Of course it is important that our children are taught practical skills like cooking and it’s right food should feature in the curriculum – but it has become the prime aim of the draft curriculum and that’s wrong. There must instead be a big emphasis on the much wider, creative aspects of design and technology, which are the foundations of the advanced technological world we live in now.”

The debate will take place on Wednesday 20th March and a government minister from the Department of Education will be there to hear and respond to the concerns raised.

Commenting Peter said,

“I have already spoken to a number of institutions and businesses who are deeply concerned about the proposals for Design and Technology in the new National Curriculum. I look forward to this debate, which I hope will encourage a change of heart from the Government about the design and technology curriculum.”


The consultation document can be found at page 156 here;

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