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Pupils completing the life-saving ‘Heartstart’ course at Blackminster Middle School have been congratulated by their MP Peter Luff.

Peter visited the school today (Friday) and saw the pupils practice their skills. He also met representatives of the ‘Heartstart’ programme which is in schools across the United Kingdom. Walsall Manor Hospital leads the programme with support from the British Heart Foundation. The initiative teaches pupils simple skills that can help to save lives or what to do in a life-threatening emergency.

Commenting, Peter Luff said,

“I was really impressed by the enthusiasm and skill of the young people I met. Their knowledge will, at some time, save a life, perhaps more than one, I am sure of it. The school deserves real praise for ensuring this vital skill is taught at Blackminster.”

The programme includes learning skills such as, assessing an unconscious patient, performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), dealing with choking, serious bleeding, helping someone that maybe having a heart attack. Young people of ten years and over can attend a ‘Heartstart’ course. However, some emergency life saving skills like making a 999 call or placing someone in the recovery position can be learnt by much younger people.

Walsall Manor Hospital’s Resuscitation Officer, Phil Jevon, also works as a ‘Heartstart’ Training Supervisor and uses equipment and material donated by The British Heart Foundation, to assist schools in becoming affiliated to the ‘Heartstart’ School’s Programme. He explained,

“To become affiliated to the ‘Heartstart’ Schools Programme, the school needs to have a suitably qualified training supervisor. My role as training supervisor is to provide ‘train the trainer’ sessions for the teachers, so that they can then teach the emergency life support skills to their pupils. I also provide advice and support should they have any queries or concerns and update their training as and when required.”

The Resuscitation Council (UK) and the British Heart Foundation (BHF) have launched a National campaign to teach all children how to save a life. They say,

“Knowing what to do in an emergency situation is important, if you can do CPR you can buy time needed for professional help to arrive and the save the life of your loved one. This emergency life saving course can be performed without any special medical knowledge and teachers can include in a range of different subjects including Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE), and Science, Physical Education, and Citizenship.”


Note to editors

Information about the campaign can be found on the Resuscitation Council UK’s website: www.resus.org.uk/pages/ELSstmt.htm

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