Worcestershire MPs United on County’s Health Objectives
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Worcestershire MPs United on County’s Health Objectives

Worcestershire’s MPs have today commented on the county’s acute hospital provision and on the ongoing joint strategic review (JSR) being undertaken by the Worcestershire Acute Hospitals Trust.

The JSR, initiated some 18 months ago, is looking into the long term provision of acute hospital services in the county.

The MPs, some of whom have acute hospitals within their constituency, whilst others have community hospitals, jointly say:

“We are deeply concerned that this joint strategic review has taken a significantly longer time to complete than originally envisaged. This process was due to be completed last year and yet we are no closer to having a conclusion than several months ago.

“As MPs representing the residents of Worcestershire, we hold the medical outcomes for our constituents as paramount: it is vital that we provide the best medical services possible, as locally as possible, with a long term sound financial footing. What is of less concern to us is the management structure that delivers this, so long as it is robust and sustainable.

“We would welcome wider options for consultation that look at a broader range of alternative provision models and management structures. As part of that process, we would expect clinicians, as well as the community, to take a more significant role. Indeed, we welcome and support the collaboration initiative taken by the county’s Clinical Commissioning Groups in securing as many options as possible go forward for consultation.

“This process must move along at a swifter pace. Whilst we recognise the dedication and commitment of front line NHS staff and their support, the longer this process takes, the more uncertainty there is for staff and patients.”


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