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On Monday European Mainstream are launching their new pamphlet, ‘In Our Interest: Britain with Europe’. A collection of articles from 18 Conservative MPs, the pamphlet supports the Prime Minister’s Bloomberg Strategy while making the case for Britain’s continued membership of the European Union.
Dispelling the myth that the Conservative Party is unified in supporting withdrawal from Europe, ‘In Our Interest’ looks at the benefits of our membership and proposes reforms and ambitions for Britain within the EU:

Sir Peter Luff MP contributes an article on the EU and defence, saying "continuing member- ship of the EU is profoundly in the interests of our security and our defence industries."

Robert Buckland MP on the benefits of the Single Market: “EU membership is part of the fabric of life in my constituency”

Charles Hendry MP on energy: “The UK led Europe in opening up its energy markets and allowing freer competition – we need to go further”

Margot James MP on trade: “In 2011 the EU closed on a trade deal with South Korea. Since then UK exports to South Korea have increased 95%”

Caroline Spelman MP on being Better Off IN: “What motivates me more than anything else to fight to stay in the EU is simply for the sake of jobs”

Jeremy Lefroy MP on public expenditure: “A primary characteristic of being a free, independent state is the ability to set our own budget...our membership of the EU does not prevent us from doing this”

Ben Gummer MP on public perception: “The modern tragedy of the European Union is that popular dislike of its structures negates widespread popular support for the reasons why it exists.”

While Richard Benyon MP bangs the drum for European reform, after all he’s “done it”: “I told the Prime Minster that he shouldn’t listen to those who say we are on our own in the reform agenda – we have more friends than we allow ourselves to think”

And Laura Sandys MP on being ambitious for Britain: “‘Out of Europe’ as a stated policy would be the first time in modern history that the UK’s aim would be to diminish its influence in Europe – an extraordinary retreat from our national interest.”

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