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Relief is at hand at last for residents living near the noisy M5 in Worcestershire says local MP, Sir Peter Luff. He was welcoming the news that work now under way on the road will include resurfacing with a low noise surface.

He said,

“This has been one of my longest running campaigns and I’m delighted it has succeeded at last.”

Last year the Government announced that £140 million would be invested in a Managed Motorway Scheme on the M5, between Junction 4a and Junction 6. This prompted Sir Peter to write to the Highways Agency to ensure that this major investment would include resurfacing the road. He has just received written confirmation from the Agency’s chief executive, Graham Dalton, that this will happen.

Sir Peter explained,

“For far too long residents along the M5 have suffered dreadful noise pollution from the traffic. So when the Chancellor announced the plans for this stretch of road my first priority was to ensure that it would include resurfacing with a low noise surface.

“I was very disappointed that noise mitigation measures weren’t put in place when the Highways Agency carried out the resurfacing of the long section of the hard shoulder back in 2010.

“It has taken far too long to get the Highways Agency to act and resurface this road, but I am delighted that, thanks to the Government’s investment, they are finally going to do so.

“Droitwich residents, in particular, have suffered from noise levels that are simply unacceptable but communities such as Wychbold and Oddingley have also been blighted by the racket from the motorway. Of course, a low noise surface won’t end the noise but it will reduce it to much more tolerable levels.

“I have made a lot of noise about these noise problems in the past and it is great that we have finally been heard.”


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