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This year’s Houses of Parliament photographic exhibition, sponsored by Canon, again features four images from Mid Worcestershire MP Sir Peter Luff.

The MP has exhibited in the show every year he has been in the Commons and said he is glad to have had four pictures selected for this, his final year.

Sir Peter said,

“All the photographs this year were taken on a harrowing visit with the International Development Committee to see the relief we are offering to deal with the immense humanitarian consequences of the Syrian conflict and the work being done by the UK government in Palestine to keep alive the hope of peace between Palestinians and Israelis.

“One picture shows young refugee children in an informal refugee camp in Lebanon, and another the barrier erected by Israel on the very edge of the holy town of Bethlehem.

“The two other pictures are both of the Roman remains of Jerash, a major archeological site in Jordan, only few miles from the Syrian border, and from where the sounds of gunfire and explosions can often be heard.

“In their own way each of these picture is incredibly poignant, reminding us how normal life in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Syria, Palestine and Israel is being overshadowed and torn apart by these two very different conflicts.”


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