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The search for a slogan for the campaign to improve train services between London and Worcestershire is over and FAST TRACK WORCESTER has been selected as the winning entry.

Sir Peter Luff, MP for Mid Worcestershire, who launched the competition last month explained,

“I have been campaigning for better train services to and from Worcestershire since I first stood as a Member for Parliament in 1992. Since then the substantial redoubling of the North Cotswold line has made services more reliable, but journey times have got worse and trains still don’t run frequently or regularly enough.

“Yes, things will get better when new trains are introduced in 2018 and Worcestershire Parkway is built – but that’s still nowhere near enough. We need two trains an hour, with one of those a fast train to London in under two hours from the new Parkway station.

“I realised we were missing a trick when, in the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement, Norwich received a commitment to improve their train service. Norwich and surrounding areas of Norfolk already have the service we can only aspire to.

“I’m sure the success of the Norwich campaign owes a lot to its slogan – ‘Norwich in Ninety’. So I set out to find something similarly catchy for our campaign in Worcestershire.

“I was inundated with suggestions and because of the number of excellent entries it has taken a long time to decide the eventual winner.”

“After consulting with the other South Worcestershire MPs (Robin Walker and Harriett Baldwin), the leader of Worcestershire County Council (Adrian Hardman) and the Executive Director of the Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership (Gary Woodman), we all agreed that the winning slogan would be ‘FAST TRACK WORCESTER’.

“We felt this slogan was short, compelling and had a clear reference to railways. It also worked for both city and county.”

Mr Viv Moss, of Pershore, came up with the winning slogan and will be presented with his prize – a House of Commons watch - by Sir Peter, and his own MP, Harriett Baldwin shortly.

Talking about the future of the campaign Sir Peter said,

“The need for better train services is something that is felt across the county and I hope everyone locally will embrace this slogan. ‘FAST TRACK WORCESTER’ will, I am sure, catch the attention of the Government, Network Rail and First Great Western and play a major part in spurring them all to action.”


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