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A cross-party initiative to safeguard Britain’s security by protecting the defence budget is being led by Mid Worcestershire MP, Sir Peter Luff.

A Commons motion signed by Sir Peter, together with leading figures from the Labour, Liberal Democrat and Democratic Unionist parties has been published today (Wednesday).

The motion has the support of Sir Peter Luff, who was defence equipment minster from 2010-2012, former Conservative defence minister James Arbuthnot, former Labour defence secretary Bob Ainsworth, Birmingham MP Gisela Stuart, Sir Menzies Campbell and leader of the DUP Nigel Dodds. It reads,

“That this House believes that the UK faces a growing and ever more complex range of current and future threats, many of which were unforeseen, such as the Ukrainian crisis; calls upon the next Government to adopt effective and properly resourced diplomatic, development and defence policies to meet these threats; and supports the UK devoting at least 2 per cent of its GDP to defence, including a 1 per cent per annum increase in the defence equipment budget.”

The six MPs have also written to The Times in similar terms, noting that

“While we recognise the budgetary challenges ahead we also believe that the first duty of any government is to keep our country and our people safe.”

Commenting, Sir Peter said,

“There are troubling indications that both the major parties are quietly moving away from their commitment to maintain defence spending at the NATO target level of two per cent of GDP. In an increasingly dangerous and uncertain world, we must make sure that our defences remain secure. This is the fundamental purpose of the state – to keep its citizens safe - and we can’t do that if defence spending is cut any further.”


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