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Local politicians have rallied behind the growing campaign to save Bengeworth Post Office from closure.

Peter Luff, Evesham's MP has joined town mayor Alan Booth and the area's district and county councillors - Martin King and Emma Stokes from Wychavon and Bob Banks from Worcestershire - in expressing outrage at the proposal.

Peter met Pearl Bennett, the sub post mistress, at the post office on Friday, where he bought one of the campaign bags that has been produced and collected the first thirty letters written to him by worried constituents.

Pearl and Peter discussed how to take the campaign forward and Peter is contacting Post Office Ltd on Monday to request a representative attends a public meeting in mid September. The date will be announced as soon as possible.

Commenting, Peter said,

"Evesham needs all four of its post offices. They each serve distinct communities and the closure of any of them is totally unacceptable. Pearl has done an outstanding job in marshalling the arguments against closure and beginning the campaign. Now we must all get behind her if we are going to save the office - and with only six weeks of consultation, we have to hurry.

"We face a tough battle and to win it we need two things - a well argued case and strong evidence of public support. All the local politicians are working with Pearl to get the arguments against closure together and presented in as compelling way as possible. I urge everyone who uses Bengeworth post office to write to the consultation team explaining why they need it to stay open - and to send copies to me, local councillors and local papers.

"The arguments against closure include the proposed development of hundreds of new homes in the area, the fact the office is the only local banking facility, the difficult journey to alternative offices, especially for the elderly and mothers with children, and the wider impact on Bengeworth of the loss of this crucial service for local people and businesses alike."

Letters of objection should be sent to FREEPOST CONSULTATION TEAM (no stamp needed) or e-mailed to by 7th October.

Peter added,

“I am in discussion with the four other post offices proposed for closure in the Evesham area and will be responding to their concerns and those of the communities they serve as appropriate in each case. It would be difficult fight all five because Post Office Ltd has been told by the government that it must close around 2,500 sub post offices. If we kept all five open it would mean the closure of up to five different branches in their place. It may be possible to save one or perhaps two without compensating closures, depending on the overall national progress towards the 2,500 target.”


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Photograph shows Peter Luff with Pearl Bennett outside Bengeworth Post office, receiving his campaign bag.

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