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Peter Luff, MP for Mid Worcestershire, has pledged his support for Shelter's "Now is the Time" campaign, which calls on the government to end the nation's housing crisis.

The charity launched the campaign with "Breaking Point" a new report which revealed the desperate sacrifices people are making to keep a roof over their heads, including spending less on food, selling possessions, borrowing from friends and family and depriving their children of treats.

The research based on a YouGov survey of 6,799 adults in Great Britain showed almost half a million families in the West Midlands are suffering from stress or depression due to today's housing costs.

The report sets out a detailed 12 point plan to tackle the affordability crisis including calls on the Government to carry out its promise to meet its target to build 45,000 social rented homes every year by 2011.

The plan also calls for mortgage lenders to use repossession only as a last resort, and provide more help and support to homeowners; and for the Government to review property taxation to make the system fairer, including council tax, stamp duty, inheritance tax and capital gains tax.

Welcoming the parliamentary launch of the campaign in the House of Commons on, Peter Luff MP said:

"Housing is a controversial subject. Because I believe in local democracy and regenerating urban areas, I have serious reservations about the way the government is trying to impose even more new housing on our area than we believe we need. The risk is that people who should be living in Birmingham end up having to live in Worcestershire because that's where the homes are being built. But we do need thousands of new houses in Worcestershire as well as in Birmingham. At its simplest, people are living longer and in smaller family units - we've just got to have more homes for people to live in.

"That's why I am pleased to back Shelter's Now is the Time campaign to make sure that everyone has an affordable and decent place to call home. There will be details of the campaign I might not agree with, but there is no doubting the power of the overall message - we need to build more homes, protect people who are facing housing difficulties and make the housing system fairer."

Thanking Peter Luff for his support of the campaign, Adam Sampson, Chief Executive of Shelter, said:

"With repossessions soaring, private sector rents rising, thousands stuck on the council housing waiting list and thousands more in temporary accommodation, we must all work together to tackle the housing affordability crisis.

"Shelter is delighted that Peter Luff MP has signed up to this campaign and his support will be instrumental in persuading Government ministers to build more homes, protect people at risk and end the housing divide. Now is the time to right housing wrongs."


Peter Luff MP is pictured holding up the time he pledged support for Shelter’s Now Is the Time campaign. Members of the public can do their bit by visiting

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