Luff Slams Eco-Town Survey Spin
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Luff Slams Eco-Town Survey Spin

Mid Worcestershire MP Peter Luff today branded the results of a Government-commissioned survey on eco-towns that claimed public support for the idea as "staggeringly deceitful".

Since the publication of the survey at the end of June the Government has been arguing that the eco-town concept has wide support among the public. However, answers to parliamentary questions tabled by Peter and fellow MP Edward Garnier (Harborough) reveal that the survey is so flawed that the results are effectively meaningless.

Commenting Peter said:

"By claiming the eco-town concept has public support, the Government is being staggeringly deceitful.

"First, the people asked about eco-towns in this survey lived nowhere near them, so knew nothing about the details. It's hardly surprising that if you ask people about anything "eco" they will say they like it.

"But second, and perhaps even worse, absolutely no background briefing about eco-towns was offered to the survey respondents - and it is quite clear they could have done with some. Only 9% of people claimed to know something about eco-towns, and 48% of people felt they knew very little about the concept, or had never heard of it at all.

"The Government has made much of the fact that only 15% of people would be opposed to the construction of an eco-town five miles from their home, yet with such a huge number of those surveyed completely in the dark about what an eco-town is, this result is completely bogus.

"This is a classic case of misleading spin. The eco-town proposal is a massive flop - everyone who knows anything about the idea has condemned it, including local residents, councils, architects and environmental groups. The idea has become a huge embarrassment for the Government. I suspect the Government knows this, but are too proud to admit the idea stinks. Inventing bogus support for them, however, is no way to behave in a democracy."

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