Vale of Evesham New Town "Must Be Stopped"
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The new town the government is trying to impose on the vale of Evesham must be stopped says the area's MP, Peter Luff.

He is urging the people of Evesham and the Vale to attend a public meeting this Friday.

The meeting on Friday June 13 will be held at 7.30pm in Evesham Town Hall. Speakers will include Peter Luff MP, Cllr Issy Seccombe from Warwickshire and Cllr Paul Middleton, leader of Wychavon district council.

Commenting, Peter said,

"This so-called eco-town will do huge damage to Vale villages and put a great strain on our roads and local services. It will bring no benefit whatsoever to local people.

"Yes we need more affordable housing - but not on an inaccessible old military depot miles from where people want to live. We need more houses for local people where they want to live - in the towns and villages of south Worcestershire.

"This new town may make money for the developers but it will make misery for the rest of us - and crucially, it will make misery for its residents. The people who end up living there, because the houses they really need haven't been built, will be ripped away from their families and friends and forced to rely on cars - if they can afford them - to travel to jobs, hospitals, and probably schools too.

"The construction phase will be immensely disruptive too, with Vale villages, already labouring under the intolerable strains of HGVs suffering even more noise, traffic and danger.

"I urge the people of the area to come and learn the truth about this monster planned for our midst - and then to make their voices heard before the government's excuse for a consultation ends on Jun 30th."

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