Top Ten Reasons To Fight New Town
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Speaking to a packed meeting at Evesham town hall on Friday night, 13th June, Mid Worcestershire MP Peter Luff set out the top ten reasons to oppose the proposed new "eco town" for the Vale of Evesham at the Long Marston site

He said these were;

1. The town, if built would ruin the quality of life of the existing local population as local services such as health, education, water, sewage and above all the road network were put under an intolerable strain "Middle Quinton" would be just as bad for and irrelevant to the needs of Evesham as Stratford

2. It would be awful for its residents, dumped miles from their families and friends in a remote rural location and dependent on their cars to get anywhere, especially to their jobs

3. We have absolutely no guarantees that the vitally needed wider infrastructure - especially roads and health - would be built at all, never mind before the town itself is developed

4. It won't deliver any more affordable homes than current policies - and anyhow they will be in the wrong place; people need affordable homes in the places they live, not where the government tells them they should want to live

5. It is profoundly undemocratic as the views of local people and their councils are swept aside

6. It involves total rigging of the planning system as the government writes new rules to pre-determine the outcome,

7. Crucially, it won't even be environmentally sustainable as it would increase dependence on the car and increase carbon footprints, not reduce them

8. Its houses would be a drop in the ocean of new housing need - and in the wrong part of the ocean too

9. The government knows so little about what's planned that it doesn't even know where it is - it's not "in Warwickshire" but in Warwickshire and Worcestershire - and literally on the border with Gloucestershire

10. But it will make HM Treasury a fortune as the deal struck with the purchasers of the land would kick in and half the development value of the land would go back to the Ministry of Defence - millions of pounds of stealth tax.

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