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Peter Luff will now be supporting proposals to redouble the Cotswold Line between Evesham and Moreton-in-Marsh after winning assurances that it is only the first phase of a three phase programme to redouble the whole line.

"The scheme to redouble one of the three single-line sections of track between Worcester and Oxford is a step in the right direction. As a result, there is real hope that Worcestershire may get the rail service it deserves, but it will take a long time", says Mid Worcestershire MP Peter Luff.

Mr Luff was speaking after a meeting with Geoffrey Clifton-Brown (MP for the Gloucestershire section of the line) and senior mangers of Network Rail. Peter had previously expressed concern that this limited scheme was a "bargain basement proposal" and that it could rule out the full redoubling the line needs.

He explained,

"A year ago Network Rail were virtually promising one big bang to sort out the problems on the line, but now they are offering three bite-sized chunks.

"I reluctantly accept that there are constraints - particularly in the Oxford area - that prevent full redoubling immediately, so I am happy to support the step-by-step approach they are now offering. I do so conditional on their commitment to bring forward the other two parts as soon as possible. I recognise that full redoubling could take many years, but the creation of over 30 miles of double track between Evesham and Charlbury is a good start that should significantly improve our service. The scheme could be complete as early as May 2010."

Peter is urging constituents to support the scheme by writing to:

Bill Emery, Office of Rail Regulation, One Kemble Street,
London WC2B 4AN

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