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Cutting down on plastic bag use makes good sense in its own right and reminds us about the need to be more careful about waste in general says local MP Peter Luff.

Peter was speaking after giving his support the Evesham Bagbusters initiative launched by local people in the town. He met two of the leading lights in the campaign, Mike and Mary Nielsen at one of his constituency surgeries, where he pledged to help win them further expressions of support - and purchased two re-usable jute campaign bags.

Commenting, Peter said,

"We need to think more carefully about all the things we throw away. The idea that a shopping bag is used only once and then binned is ludicrous. Of course you need individual bags for some items, but you should use, use and use again the main shopping bag.

"Plastic bags are a hazard to wildlife, they litter our streets and they are a symbol of our wastefulness more generally.

"We should be recycling whatever we can, and re-using bags, bottles and containers. We should also protest against over-packaging whenever we encounter

"I' m not going to pretend that cutting down on plastic bag use is the answer to all the world's environmental problems, but it's a good practical first step that we can all take together. More power to the collective elbow of the Evesham Bagbusters, and all the other voluntary groups who are striving to make their towns plastic bag free zones!"

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