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Peter Luff has welcomed today's decision by the European Parliament to give 120 million in flood aid from the European Solidarity Fund to the UK.

It will pay for the cost of repairing the damage and getting affected areas back on their feet after the devastating summer floods.

However he also urged caution, stressing the importance of allocating this money wisely - specifically ensuring the finances of Worcestershire's councils are put back in order as first priority.

Commenting, Peter said,

"This money is really welcome. I know most of the repair and clean-up work has been completed, but more remains to be done to get everything back to what it was.

"Even those who were not directly affected by the floods are still living with their legacy. That is because Worcestershire's councils are severely out of pocket, having reallocated their budgets out of necessity to get Worcestershire back on its feet. They've had considerable sums from central government, I know, but not yet enough to meet the huge costs of last July's disastrous flooding.

"It is vital that a fair slice of this new EU aid comes to Worcestershire. First we must put right the finances of both the county and district councils. If there is anything left over, these councils, working with parish and town councils will be best placed to advise the government what schemes would provide further relief or reassurance to local communities."

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