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Mid Worcestershire MP Peter Luff today expressed his dismay that the government is refusing to accept locally developed plans significantly to increase housing numbers and will impose additional homes on top of the large increases already suggested.

In a letter to the West Midlands Regional Assembly from Baroness Andrews, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State in the Department for Communities and Local Government, the government expresses concern about the housing proposals put forward by the Assembly in light of the Government's agenda to increase housing building across the country.

In particular, the Minister has asked the Government Office for the West Midlands to commission further work to look at options which could deliver higher housing numbers.

Commenting Peter said,

"This is potentially disastrous for South Worcestershire which is already being asked to accommodate thousands of homes over and above existing plans. The scale of urbanisation this could mean for our area - and the risk of the failure to provide adequate infrastructure - makes this about the worst news for local people I can imagine.

"Of course we need more affordable homes, but we don't need these massive numbers to achieve that desirable goal. The government's behaviour is an affront to democracy and an attack on the interests of everyone who lives here.

"I will be studying the government's intentions with care and talking to local councils, but this news fills me with gloom."

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