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“This is a great Christmas present for the many hundred of my constituents who were worried about government plans to end dispensing of medicines by doctors.” That’s how Mid Worcestershire MP Peter Luff describes the decision by the Government to back down on their attempts to change the way GPs dispense medicines.

He has also congratulated his constituents on refusing to accept the changes without a fight.

Under plans drawn up by the Government, GP surgeries would have lost their right to dispense prescription drugs. The proposed changes would have made life very difficult for elderly and disabled patients in rural areas in particular. They caused a huge wave of protest and yesterday Health Minister Phil Hope MP confirmed that no changes to the current arrangements would take place.

Commenting Peter said:

“This is a victory for democracy. The Government have been dissuaded from destructive meddling with a much cherished and much needed part of the health service.

“I want to thank each and every one of the hundreds of my constituents who took the time to write to me and to the consultation team expressing their outrage at the proposed changes. The letters came from around my constituency and particularly from the Broadway, Evesham, Ombersley areas. In sixteen years as a Member of Parliament I cannot remember any other issue provoking such opposition.

“My constituents were right to point out their fears that these proposals would have led to a poorer quality of service that would have hit the most vulnerable – the poor and the elderly - the hardest.

“I am delighted that we have secured victory and safeguarded the future of dispensing from our local GP surgeries.”


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