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“There’s a real hope the Government’s ‘eco-town’ project will be cut up like a Burns’ Night Haggis this weekend”, says Peter Luff MP for Mid Worcestershire.

Speaking at a Burns’ Night Supper in Pebworth on Saturday, Peter will again urge the Government to drop their “ill-conceived” policy to build up to ten ‘eco-towns’ in the country – including ‘Middle Quinton’, the one planned at Long Marston. Peter will also highlight the complete lack of support for the Government’s proposals.

His comments come as judgement on a judicial review – brought forward by opponents of the planned ‘eco-town’ at Long Marston – is expected to be reached early next week. If the judicial review finds in favour of the development’s opponents then the whole of the Government’s ‘eco-town’ project would probably be abandoned. Commenting Peter said:

“As I’ve said many times to the Government before, ‘Middle Quinton’ would be nothing more than a countryside ghetto of homes in the wrong place, far from where they are needed. The environmental impact of building on this scale at this location would outweigh any benefits a sustainable and green development might be expected to bring.

“The Government are isolated in thinking this is a good idea. Even housing charity Shelter – who once implied support for the “Middle Quinton” project – told me recently they now favour a much more sensible approach of “pepper-potting” new homes in the areas where they are needed, rather than lumping them all together at one unsuitable site.

“Similarly Help the Aged, which the Government claims supports the ‘eco-town’ project, have written to me to say that although they support the principle of building environmentally friendly, sustainable homes (and who doesn’t?), the organisation ‘has not taken, nor does it intend to take, a position on the Middle Quinton proposal’.

“So support has drifted away. The only people who still think it’s a good idea are the Government and the developers – the first because they are too proud to admit they are wrong, the second too conscious of the money to be made.

“This weekend, many people around the country will be celebrating Burns Night. It is my hope that the judicial review will find in favour of the eco-towns’ opponents and, as in Burns’ Address to a Haggis, ‘cut it up wi’ ready sight/Trenching [its] gushing entrails bright”.


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