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Unemployment in the Mid Worcestershire constituency has jumped from 835 in February last year to 1,885 in 2009. Figures from the House of Commons Library show that this increase of 125% is well ahead of the national average increase of 72%.
Commenting, the constituency’s MP, Peter Luff, said,

“I know the unemployment rate in my constituency of 4.1% is below the national average of 5.2%, but both figures are far too high – and local unemployment is increasing much more quickly than in most other areas.

“The human cost of this shocking increase in local unemployment is all too obvious in the telephone calls letters and emails I am receiving. I am also hearing from increasing numbers of companies for which the future is looking very serious indeed. Given that credit is still not flowing to companies, I fear these figures are only the beginning.

“The trouble is that the promises of government help for businesses and for individuals just aren’t being translated from headlines into real action and people are suffering even more as their hopes of help are dashed.

“Yes, this is a global recession we are in, but we are less well prepared for it than any other major economy in the world and people are paying for that lack of preparedness with their jobs. Good hard working people and their families are suffering as a result, and will do so for longer than in other countries too.

“We need urgent action from the government to get their schemes in place and working to ease the pain of this recession. I tried myself to help local small businesses with my recent rate relief bill, but the government wouldn’t support it. I hope this and other measures will be in next month’s budget. The government could be doing so much more to help stop the damage and ease the pain.”


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