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The Government’s ‘eco-town’ project has been dealt another humiliating hammer-blow, and must now be abandoned in favour of a truly sustainable and well thought-through house building programme, according to Mid Worcestershire MP Peter Luff, who represents part of the Long Marston site ear-marked for development.
Peter was commenting after senior lawyers, all leading QCs, acting for the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE), said that the ‘eco-town’ projects could be unlawful, because they will be allowed to bypass normal planning procedures.

Commenting Peter said:

“The Government’s ‘eco-town’ project is now becoming so discredited that it is a wonder they still have the courage to defend it.

“In the past few weeks the concept has been severely criticised by a committee of cross-party MPs, and the planned development at Long Marston has been blasted in four separate, independent reports by experts, which showed it would add to transport congestion in the area and leave a £300 million funding black hole.

“For most government’s that would be enough to send them back to the drawing board. Now we have Queen’s Counsels warning that the project itself could be open to legal challenges. Surely the Government must admit they were wrong, stop trying to find ways to resuscitate this doomed policy and focus on delivering truly environmentally sustainable, affordable homes in the areas they are needed.

“It’s time to put the whole wretched idea out of its misery.”


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